Saturday, 25 April 2015

All creatures Great and Small

Standing in the car park of Super U, Llanvallay near Dinan, we fell into easy conversation with the owner of a rather fine looking 16 year old motorhome. Invited on board, the proud owner, a "Punch & Judy man", explained that he was selling the vehicle as he was 75 and had things to do.

A look around verged on the voyeuristic as we peered inside cupboards, cubby holes and room for ablutions, and made suitably approving noises and appropriate facial expressions. He then pointed to a box of books and said, “I’m getting rid of these, take what you want”. There it was, “It shouldn’t happen to a vet” by James Herriott. As I looked at the cover, the theme tune, composed by Johnny Pearson, rang in my ears,“Daa da da da da da Daa da da Daa”.

Due to the wonders of the internet I can tell you with a hitherto near impossible degree of accuracy that on Christmas Day 1978, after watching Songs of Praise at 6.05pm I watched “All Creatures Great And Small” at 7.15pm.

One thing bothered me more than it should have for a ten year old. Why didn't they use the tune of the hymn, "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small"? NB 17th Century English melody and not the other one.

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